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View our work samples and read our customer testimonials to see why Q1 Facility Services is the number one choice for all of your retail maintenance and construction repair needs.

Electrical & Lighting

We combine electrical and lighting into one department. With all of the new lighting products now on the market, using a skilled electrician to install and maintain them is a must. LED lighting is the most cost-effective option, as it saves money on electric bills.

At Q1, our trained electricians perform a thorough inspection of all entrance electrical panels, shut offs, and sub panels to minimize the risk of an electrical fire. During this process, they do the following:

  • Test all lugs to ensure proper torque
  • Test all branch circuits to ensure balanced panels
  • Clean out each panel to remove dust buildup


Our certified technicians will note the age, model, serial number, and approximate lifespan of each unit. Although our technicians can perform repairs as issues arise, we highly recommend a preventive maintenance program. This includes:

  • Quarterly filter changes and unit inspections
  • Spring tune-up of cooling systems to check levels of refrigerant, determine if condenser coils are leaking or need cleaning, and test compressors
  • Fall tune-up of heating systems to check heat exchanges and blowers and perform diagnostics on electrical parts

Plumbing & Underground Sewer Lines

Whether it is a leaky faucet or a clogged sewer line, fixing plumbing problems is a top priority for any business location. Our technicians utilize underground sewer lines equipment, such as Power Hydro Jets and sewer cameras. This equipment can be fitted with electronic sensors to identify the exact location of an underground leak or clog, which reduces the amount of excavation needed to perform the repair.

Masonry & Concrete

Q1 can repair a variety of masonry and concrete structures, including docks, concrete walls, and storefront columns.

Parking Lots

Our technicians perform the following parking lot services:

  • Sealing and striping
  • Pothole and concrete repairs
  • Sign repairs
  • Pole lighting
  • Full parking lot overlays

Within just 2 days, we were able to install a full overlay with striping for one of our clients. We understand that maintaining customer traffic flow is crucial to your business, so we complete parking lot repairs as quickly as possible.


Our signage vendors use bucket trucks to access any size of sign at any location, including monument signs. We can also manufacture and install new signage that adheres to local codes. As always, we highly recommend LED lighting whenever possible.

We will work with your store managers to ensure that all work is completed to your specifications, on time, and within allowed budgets. The key to being a top facility service company is how we react to issues that arise during repairs—with composure, reason, and direction. That is the Q1 philosophy.

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